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Dining FAQs

Q: Am I required to purchase a meal plan?

A: Students living in Potomac State College of WVU operated resident halls are required to purchase a Resident Student Dining Plan as an integral part of WVU's nationally recognized resident life experience. Students living off campus are not required to purchase a plan but many students each year choose to. Convenience, service, cost, and quality are some of the reasons our meal plans may be a good choice for you too.

Q: May I change my dining plan once the semester has started?

A: Meal Plan changes are allowed through January 21. No changes are permitted after this date. Note: All changes made to your dining plan during the fall semester will be effective for the spring semester as well.

Q: Do unused meals from my dining plan carry over to the next semester?

A: No. Plan costs are based on food costs, labor, and other operating costs incurred during the current semester. Therefore, unused meals do not carry over to the following semester. All meal plans are averaged out with estimates made for possible missed meals calculated into the cost. Someone on the 19-meal plan will likely miss more meals than someone on the 15- or 10-meal plans and their average cost per meal is reflective of that likelihood.

Q: Does my meal plan work on weekends?

A: All meal plans and Dining Dollars are active on the weekends.

Q: Why can't I let a guest use my meal card?

A: Dining plans represent a contract between the plan holder and WVU Dining Services. We base our costs on the purchase agreement. Allowing others to use your card could seriously jeopardize our ability to provide quality products and services.

Q: How many weeks are in a semester and how many meals does that equal?

A: There are 16 weeks in a semester and over 300 meals are served by our professional staff each semester.

Q: Who develops the menus?

A: Our management staff constructs the menus each year with input from the main campus' Executive Chef and staff dietician. We incorporate feed back from students into the process to help determine items that work well and items that may be less popular. Balanced nutrition, variety and cost are also considered when building our selections.

Q: What day starts a new week of meals for each Dining Plan?

A: All meal plans begin on Saturday at breakfast and ends the following Friday night. Meals do not carry over from week to week.

Q: Can I work for Dining Services?

A: YES! Dining Services hires students each year to assist with the services we provide to the campus community. Whether you're looking for extra cash, work experience, friendship, or fun, check out the opportunities we have to offer. We offer flexible hours to fit your busy schedule and good pay. Experience is not necessary but please realize that work is a responsibility and must be recognized as a commitment. For more information, stop by and discuss the options available to you with our management staff.