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Student Questions and Complaints

Students concerns are very important to all of us at West Virginia University Potomac State College.  For emergency situations, please call the appropriate unit immediately.


Potomac State College has the following grievance and appeal processes in place.

WVU Online Consumer Complaint Process

If you have exhausted all relevant processes, or do not see a relevant process on the list above, submit a ticket on this form to ask a question or register a complaint. Your information will be sent to the appropriate WVU administrator. 

Student Complaint Form


Any PSC student may use the processes listed above. If you are a WVU Morgantown Campus student, please click  here to access your resources. If you are a WVU Tech student, please click  here to access your resources. 

Please be aware that many of these processes must be activated within specific deadlines. Consult the specific process for more information. PSC students and their advocates (e.g. parents, advisors) can also ask a question or register a complaint by submitting a ticket. PSC employees attempting to file a grievance should contact  Employee Relations.