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Break Periods

What should I do to prepare? 

Before you leave for break periods: 

Close and lock your windows. 
Put heat/ac on the lowest setting. 
Empty all wastebaskets and remove all trash from your room. 
Clean your dishes. 
Remove perishables from your refrigerator and dispose of properly. 
Unplug all electronics (except Microfridge) such as computers, sound systems, televisions, etc. 
Secure your valuables appropriately or take them with you. 
Place blinds half way up. 
Turn off room and closet lights. 
Lock your door and inform your RA you are leaving.

You must vacate your room according to the dates and times given to you for each Break. For security reasons, no one is allowed access to rooms when the halls are closed. All students are expected to vacate their rooms within 24 hours of their last final or on the times and dates indicated (whichever comes first).  Please consult the Office of Housing & Residence Life for further information regarding these arrangements. 

The residence halls are closed during the following break periods: 
Thanksgiving Break, Winter Recess, & Spring Break 

Residents should note the periods during which the residence halls are closed and make plans to vacate their rooms no later than the day that the halls close. Students are expected to leave the campus promptly after the completion of their last final examination at the end of each semester unless prior approval to remain on campus is obtained from the Director of Housing and Residence Life. When returning from Winter Break ALL students must check in at the RA desk in University Place.  

Check-out Procedures 

When you vacate your room for any reason (end of the year, room change, etc.), contact your RD. The condition of your room will be checked against the room condition report that you signed when you checked in. This procedure is for your protection. Room occupants will be billed for rooms and/or furnishings that have sustained damages or are excessively dirty. If you withdraw from the College prior to the end of the academic year, room and board charges are prorated on the date your key and is returned and your belongings are moved from the room or the date you withdrawal from classes. Whichever occurs last.