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Located beside Lough Gymnasium, University Place houses up to 352 students in private doubles (1 full bath for 2 students) and suite style living, featuring a shared shower and toilet area per suite(1 shower to 4 people), with a private sink per room (1 sink to 2 people). University Place is a co-ed facility by suite.

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Building Information

University Place

Room Type & Dimensions:

Suite style living in a double suite or private double suite.  

Double Suite dimensions: length - 12.5 ft. / width - 9.5 ft. 
(total living area for 2 people).

Private Double Suite dimensions: length - 9 ft. / width - 5.5 ft. 
(total living area per person).

University Place is a co-ed facility by suite.

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Mailing Address and RHC Information

Mailing Address:

105 Fort Avenue
Keyser, WV 26726

Residence Hall Coordinator Contact Information:

Daniel Hott


Office Number: 304-788-7408

Hall Features and Amenities:

  • All suite style living
  • Building is Wi-Fi equipped 
  • 24/7 quiet area on the G-Level of the hall
  • Elevator access
  • Large laundry facility with TV and folding stations
  • Two dining facilities- The Potomac Commons and The Rapids
  • One main study lounge, with additional small study rooms 
  • Small fitness center with treadmills and cardiovascular equipment
  • Social Lounges
  • Heat and AC
  • Extended basic TV with premium Movie Channel