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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of students chosen in campus-wide elections held each fall.

SGA is responsible for appropriating Student Organization Grant funds to student organizations. In addition, SGA appoints student representatives to serve on faculty and executive committees. These committees deal with various aspects of campus life including student retention, student activities, financial aid, academic affairs, and athletics.

SGA sponsors and/or co-sponsors campus-wide programs and activities including, but not limited to diversity initiatives, Quadfest each spring, blood drives, and the annual Homecoming Dance.

Where is the SGA Office Located?

The SGA Office is located in room G-6 in the lower level of the Student Union.

How can I contact SGA?

Either in person, in room G-6 of the Student Union, by telephone at 304-788-6846.

When & Where are SGA Meetings?

All students are invited to attend SGA Meetings every other Wednesday. The meetings will be held in the Loft of the Student Union at 6:00 p.m. Email reminders will be sent out the week of each meeting.

How does SGA help fund Student Organizations on campus?

SGA has earmarked money for college-recognized student organizations to use to pay for activities and programs that will benefit the college community.

Student organizations can apply for these monies by completing and submitting to SGA a  SGA Grant Application .

To be eligible, student organizations must adhere to these  SGA Grant Guidelines .

Executive Board Members




Lucas Lemonds

Vice President

Cali Brelsford


Kara Hotchkiss


Katelyn Thornton


Sarah Wharton

Attorney General

Sierra "Berry" Berry

Speaker of the House


Chief of Staff

Cait Nine