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Dining Plans

Residential Dining Plans

All students who choose to live in residence halls are required to purchase a dining plan as part of the Housing contract agreement.  There are three plans to choose from. While the overall semester cost per plan goes down with each plan, the cost per meal is higher. Students should evaluate the options to determine which best suits their needs. All plans include $75 Dining Dollars that can be used outside normal meal periods and on weekends at either dining location. 

PSC 21: This plan comes with 21 meal swipes per week, as well as $75 Dining Dollars. It’s perfect for students who plan on eating all their meals on campus throughout the semester. Cost - $2,960 per semester

PSC 15: This plan comes with 15 meal swipes per week, and $75 Dining Dollars. This plan is ideal for students who are away from campus most weekends, or for students who may sometimes eat fewer than three meals a day. Cost - $2,601 per semester

PSC 10: With this meal plan, students get 10 meal swipes per week, as well as $75 Dining Dollars. This plan would be good for students who eat a couple meals a day and are away from campus on weekends. Cost - $2,203 per semester

Non-Residential Dining Plans

Non-residential students who are interested in participating in our dining program have nine dining plans to choose from. These plans offer flexibility, value, and convenience to individuals who are on campus and need to get a bite to eat between classes. These plans come in two styles, a block plan set for a specified number of meals for the semester, or one of the weekly plans described above. Block plans may be purchased in 25, 50, or 80-count packages with or without $100 Dining Dollars. If a block plan is not giving enough access, commuter students may choose a plan that provides 10, 15, or 21 meals per week and they all come with $75 Dining Dollars. Please contact Dining Services to discuss your options and sign up for the dining plan that best fits your needs.  To purchase a dining plan, visit and click on "Purchase Dining Plan" under Menu on the left, change campus to "Potomac State College," and change Living to "off campus."

80 Meals: This amount of meals is ideal for students who eat one meal a day on campus during weekdays. Cost - $749 per semester

50 Meals: This amount of meals would be great for students who like to get a meal on campus a few times a week. Cost - $540 per semester

25 Meals: Do you grab a meal on campus about once a week? This plan is perfect for you. Cost - $352 per semester

80 Meals + $100 Dining Dollars:  Cost - $849

50 Meals + $100 Dining Dollars:  Cost - $640

25 Meals + $100 Dining Dollars:  Cost - $452

For more information on our dining plans, catering services, to discuss special dietary needs, or voice your opinion on any of our services, please call  304-788-7211 . Every meal of every day, our staff is here to serve you.