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SGA Grant Guidelines

Once your grant has been approved by the Student Body, there are two options for you to use the money allotted to your organization by the Student Government Association:

Option 1

If the advisor has a P-Card:

• The Advisor can use their P-Card to make the approved purchases (must follow State purchase card guidelines as usual), and then contact the SGA Advisor or Dean of Student Experience for the SGA Accounting String. 

•  The Dean of Student Experience serves as the Budget Manager for SGA, needs to sign his their approval on the Grant Application Form. Buff Form before it is turned in to the Business Office. 

Option 2

If the Advisor does NOT have a P-Card:

- Advisors can pay out-of-pocket for the approved goods, and then be reimbursed in MyExpenses by completing an Employee Reimbursement form from The Business Office / Office of Student Accounts.

- Advisors/Students can also make arrangements for purchases to be made through the Office of Student Involvement or the Student Experience Office. Life Office.


PLEASE NOTE: SGA cannot cut checks nor give out cash for Student Organizations.