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Election Center

Welcome to the WVU-Potomac State College Student Government Association Election Center

Q: What positions are up for election?

A: Elections are held for President and Vice-president the week prior to final exams during the spring for the following academic year. Elections are held for Board of Representatives positions during the fall semester.

Executive Board Positions (Executive Branch):

-  SGA President

-  SGA Vice President

-  *Treasurer

-  *Public Relations Officer

* Appointed positions

Board of Representatives Positions (Legislative Branch):

1.) Commuter Student Representative  (must currently commute to campus)

2.) Residence Hall Student Representative  (must currently live in the residence halls)

3.) Non-Traditional Student Representative ( must have taken off at least 4 years between graduating from High School (or equivalency) and attending college)

4.) Military/Veteran Student Representative  (must be an active or retired military veteran)

5.) Student Athlete Student Representative  (must be a current member of a Potomac State College athletic team)

6.) Freshman Student Representative  (must be a first-semester freshman)

7.) Upper-Classman Student Representative  (must have successfully completed 24+ credits)

8.) Underrepresented Student Representative  (must be a member of an underrepresented population)

9.) Minority Student Representative  (must be a member of an underrepresented population)  

Q. What are the duties of the President and the Vice President?

A. Duties and Responsibilities of President

1. Has the authority to call Emergency Sessions of the Student Government Association.

2. Has the authority to nominate persons to Executive Board pending the approval from the Representatives.

3. Has the authority to remove any person from an Executive Board excluding the Vice- President for neglect of duty and/or excessive absences.

4. Has the authority to create special Executive Committees.

5. Is an ex-officio member of every Executive Committee of SGA.

6. Represents SGA generally in dealings with the College community including faculty, staff, students, administration, and alumni.

7. Prepares and submits a proposed written course of action along with a proposed budget, a legislative agenda, or other proposed items of business to SGA for their approval prior to executing, sponsoring, or undertaking the said business.

8. Has the authority to make reports, recommendations, and nominations to appoint members to Executive Board.

9. Attends all meetings of SGA and therein represent the Executive Board.

10. Serves as the SGA's Representative to Potomac State College's Board of Visitors, to the West Virginia University Board of Governors (when invited), to Potomac State College's Alumni Board, and at other state, regional and national SGA-related meetings.

11. Shall assist Vice-President to plan and implement SGA activities and events and helps set up before and clean up after activities and events.

12. Serve as the point of contact and liaison for community organization and business.

13. Shall appoint officers to serve on the Executive Board. 

14. Represents PSC at State’s Student Advisory Council.

A. Duties and responsibilities of Vice President

1.Shall serve as SGA President in the President's absence.

2.Fills in for the SGA President when he/she is unable to perform his/her duties.

3. Shall complete any task the president may assign him/her within reason.

4. Works with the College's Activities Coordinator to schedule activities for the College community.

5. Attends SGA meetings and activities.

6. May represent SGA generally in dealings with the College community including faculty, staff, students, administration, and alumni.

7. Acts as liaison between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch

Election Center FAQs