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What to Do If: You Test Positive and Live Off-Campus


You will first be notified by a student notification email, which will be sent to your MIX email.

Please note:  Test results will be available within three-to-five days after testing from QLabs. If you receive a positive result prior to being notified by a student notification email, you are required to let the College know you have tested positive for COVID-19 at 

To check results from QLabs:

  1. Go to
  2. Review the agreement and click "I Agree" to continue.
  3. Enter your name, birthdate and the registration number you were given when you were tested.

During this time, we ask that you stay calm and use the following guidance. As a member of the community, it is critical that you take these necessary measures to keep everyone safe. You are expected to follow all College rules and policies.

You should immediately return to your residence and avoid contact with others for at least 10 days after your testing date, as directed by the local health department. This is called isolation. You should not go to class or be on campus outside of your place of isolation during this time, and you must remain in isolation until you are medically cleared.

If you fail to comply with this isolation requirement, you will be subject to disciplinary action through the Office of Student Conduct, which may include interim suspension, educational requirements, removal from courses, a campus ban in designated areas, removal from residence halls, College probation, deferred suspension, suspension or expulsion.

What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?

The College uses the terms “isolation” and “quarantine” for those who have COVID-19 related matters.

Isolation is avoiding contact with others for at least 10 days after your testing date, as directed by the local health department. If you live in a residence hall, you will move to Arnold Apartments. You should not be on campus for class or work at any point during this period, and you must remain in isolation until you are medically cleared. You are likely in isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test result.

Quarantine is avoiding contact with others to the furthest extent possible for the next 14 days, as directed by the local health department. You should not be on campus for class or work at any point during this period. You are likely in quarantine because you’ve been considered a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19.


  • You will be contacted by the Mineral County Health Department and Student Health and provided isolation guidelines, medical guidance and begin contact tracing efforts. Student Health will work with the Mineral County Health Department to support contact tracing and with the Residence Life and Maintenance Departments to coordinate closure and cleaning of any affected areas.
    • Please be prepared to provide accurate information for the contact tracing process so we can work quickly to notify close contacts (those who have been within six feet of you for more than 15 minutes) and mitigate further spread of COVID-19. It may help to review your calendar and travel to remember locations and close contacts. If it helps, write this down so you can give the most accurate picture to those conducting the contact tracing process.
    • We know that during this time you may tell those who are determined to be close contacts that you have tested positive for COVID-19. Those people may very well receive information to quarantine as a result of the contact tracing process, but we ask that you and those close contacts allow time for us to accurately conduct contact tracing and alert them on their next steps.
  • A representative from the PSC-CARE Team will contact you to provide resources for your personal and care needs. This team will work to alert the Academic Affairs Office of your situation, and your instructors will receive notice that you will not be able to attend in-person classes due to a COVID-19 related matter.


  • You should not be leaving your residence unless absolutely necessary. To help you during this time, the College has developed a list of helpful resources to help you. Please see below. 
  • Instructors should work with you to make arrangements so you can keep up with your classwork. If you need assistance in reaching instructors or completing classwork, contact 
  • You will receive daily check-in phone calls from the Mineral County Health Department and CARE Team as well.
  • If symptoms worsen:
    • If you are having breathing problems, extremely high body temperature or other acute symptoms, you should call 911. Please let them know that you are in quarantine for COVID-19 and make sure to wear a mask/face covering if emergency medical services attend to you in any way.


  • The Mineral County Health Department and College will work together to make sure you meet CDC criteria before releasing you from isolation. You must meet the criteria of 10 days — plus improvement in symptoms and no fever for 24 hours as long as the illness is mild to moderate. Student Health will notify you that you have met the criteria to return to their assigned dorm and class.
  • In addition, the CARE Team will notify the Academic Affairs Office, Housing and Residence Life and other necessary units that you are capable of returning to campus and in-person classes.


  • Housing and Residence Life: 304-788-7407 or
  • CARE Team:
  • Counseling Services: 304-788-6976 or 

*If you need to speak to someone immediately, you can do so by calling 304-788-6977. A trained counselor will take your call. *If you prefer to speak to someone via text, just text WVU to 741741 and a trained counselor will respond as quickly as possible.